Bad bacteria and pathogenic germs in our environment are a permanent risk of infections, bad smells and General unsanitary conditions that are difficult to fight. Our probiotic care and hygiene products have been developed initially for the needs of hospital hygiene in order to reduce the risk of infections. Used in our home and personal environment, they actively intervene in the setting up of a healthy and sustainable microflora in the living environments of the family and on our skin through the specific activity of probiotic bacteria . What for? By washing in a classic way (soils for example) the surfaces are covered with detergent deposits, poorly rinsed residues (in joints etc…), forming a paste that becomes an ideal substrate for the development of pathogenic bacteria. This biofilm, difficult to Leach in a classic way, also generates bad smells. So your soil becomes a nest of bacteria that classic maintenance products have trouble eliminating. How? Our maintenance products leave a layer of probiotics that colonize your soil and, by developing, naturally attack the biofilm. Regular maintenance with our probiotic products allows a healthy and balanced microflora on all surfaces. Fewer allergies, fewer bacteria, less pathogenic risks.



Probiotics are "friendly" bacteria that have a neutral or positive effect for humans. We find bacteria all over our environment. All surfaces are colonized by bacteria, including our skin. It mixes pathogenic bacteria with neutral or positive bacteria. Bacteria proliferate as long as they have room and food. They cohabit and proliferate at their own pace. Once the surface has reached saturation, they cease to multiply. On a surface can be found a majority of harmless bacteria: in this case this surface is safe for humans. On the contrary, a surface can be saturated with pathogenic bacteria: this surface is then subjected to the aggressions of bacteria (bad smells, germs of diseases…) The probiotic solution is to saturate the surface of good bacteria (probiotics) in order to take all the place and food present on the surface to prevent colonization of pathogenic bacteria.   Hygiene and probiotic care products are environmentally friendly, economical and efficient.   These probiotic bacteria contained in the products are perfectly harmless for adults, children and pets.

Hygiene based on Physiosources probiotics